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There is a new video from my friend T Dawn online,

Indie Musician, Songwriter, Singer, Owner and host of BTD Radio, located in South California. Dawn 's music and lyrics are very emotional. Anyone who like her songs and listens more closely realizes that she's picking up current events from the world as well as her own experiences in them and processing them into great songs. For me, her music is magical.   @beyonddawnradio


T Dawn Interview

T Dawn, Pop/Alternative Rock Indies artist, who grabbed the music industry by storm, is a household name in the indie music world. Recently her song extremely popular song, “Controlled By Vanity” has been added to a game app through Music Monsters Games and she has been voted as a semi-finalist “Got Soul” Contest at WPB Radio. She was featured in April issue of Rising Magazine and on BWD Radio.

Welcome to OpenBeast. Tell us about yourself? Thank you, I am excited to do this interview! I am a girl who has a passion for music and making dreams become reality. I really dig inspiring others to follow their dreams and I hope through this interview I inspire at least one “dream catcher.”

How and why did you get into the world of music? Well, as long as I can remember I have been involved in music one way or another. Music was always played loud in my household while I was growing up. When that needle hit the record, I was rock’in. I can remember spending hours in my room pretending I was performing on stage. I actually would grab up the local kids in the neighborhood and tell them about a concert I was going to put on. My neighbor had the coolest porch we would use for concerts. The porch was pretty high up and was the perfect for the setting for a concert. I am sure as a kid this porch looked very humongous. I guess that is the “why” to your question. I was much born to be in the music world.

Now onto the “how” part of the question…. as I started to become more confident and proficient in music instruments I found myself branching out, I was producing and creating my own music. It really started as a form of expression for me, a release. I started to open the door a little bit more and let others listen to my work. My friends and family were impressed; they actually liked my music. Well, you know how friends and family are… they will support you not matter what. I respected their thoughts but that was not even for me. I decided to throw my music out to the world and see what they would think. I knew this was a risk because I could be rejected but I was ready to face that and… here we are now (smiles).

Talk to us about your recent Indie Music Channel Award. Sure, I won the Best Female Alternative Artist award. I submitted my song, “Controlled By Vanity” to the Indie Music Channel. This award was totally unexpected. I have submitted my music to several events before but I really wanted this award more than any other. My expectations were so high, but I also had to deal with the flip side of me, low self-esteem was kicking in. When I saw the email titled, “Here Are Your Nominees” I did not want to open the email because I did not want to deal defeated, so if I did not open it… I don’t deal with. That’s pretty simple. So I sat on this for days. As I prepared myself for defeat, I finally opened the email. There I was my name right on the top, it was listed under “Best Female Alternative Artist” nominee. I just flipped out. I read the email again just to make sure I was not making this up. It was true!

This event took place in Hollywood. I have been to many star-studded red carpet events but none of them involved me actually being the star and I was the one walking the red carpet. It was two days of fun. I thought, I am only going to think of this as a celebration of my “works.” This seemed to take the pressure off me in case I did not win, that way I could still have fun.

The event was held in a very private room at the House of Blues. It was packed full of people. Wouldn’t you know my category was first. As my heart started beating fast and they rolled the announcements…I won! I was so shocked!! Not only did I win… but I had to be the first one to lead the speeches.

What’s your one best gig thus far? I would have to say Caesar’s Palace, in Las Vegas. We were told that only the best of the best where chosen to perform there.

Tell us about your team/band. My team is pretty much all me. I have had several people who have played on my tracks from time to time or I have played on theirs. There was band plans in the works which we have produced several songs together but it did not pan out but I am still looking to release those songs.    

How do you get inspired? Sometimes I am inspired by the simplest of things. I am inspired by people and life their experiences. I can be watching someone walking down the road and I would want write about him or her as if I knew them or I knew what was going on in their life. I do this same thing with when I watch TV, the lyrics just start to pouring in. I would have to say I am also inspired by just a simple drumbeat or a guitar lick, those two simple things can start a whole new song for me.   

Any upcoming projects or initiatives you would like to mention? Since I have won the award I have been going non-stop. Many interviews are lined up, radio airplay and a special radio segment I have been asked to be a part of on a weekly basis. I am working on a video project for my song, “Upside Down Helter Skelter.” I am pretty excited about it; it’s going to be pretty trippy.   

What are your leisure time activities? I really enjoy working in the garden and getting my hands dirty. If I am not in the studio or in the garden you can pretty much catch me on my computer doing some kind of geeky thing. I am pretty much a nerd (laughs). Anything that has to do with the entertainment world I just love. I enjoy spending a day in Hollywood as long as I am not driving and when it’s time to check in for the night I enjoy spending an evening watching “I Love Lucy.”  

Thank you.